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Phone Repairs

We get many different types of phones to repair here at TIny Tech here are a few examples of repairs this week




Tablet repair

This poor tablet had been through the wars

We gave it a new LCD screen
Re-soldered the battery connection
Gave it a new speaker
and finally
Re soldered the power button

Here it is good as new

The moral of this story is no matter how broken we will do our best to repair it.

For more examples of our Tablet Repairs please have a look here

Pop up ads

A customer came to us last week with a PC suffering from those annoying pop up adverts. We collected the machine and gave it a full check over

The issue was caused by downloaded free programs that come with those extra freebies you can’t help but resist. Things like browser pluggins that are supposed to make your browsing more pleasurable in fact make it a nightmare trying to navigate all the ads to get to what you wanted in the first place. All the responsible programs were removed.

It was then returned to the customer.

If you can’t come to us we will come to you collect and return service offered just ask us and we will arrange a time to suit.


What’s been happening

I’ve not posted on the website for a while but i’m still here.

Please have a look at the new pages that have been added with some photos of what I’ve been up to.

More to follow in the meantime don’t forget to like my facebook page.