Careers day

Careers Day at St Lawrence College Ramsgate

We had a fantastic time at the St Lawrence College Careers Day.
Careers day was part of the Lower 6th Futures Week at St Lawrence College.

Hands on with devices – careers day 2016

We surprised the students with some hands on experience of components used in everyday portable devices. These included Ipods, Phones and tablets. We also dismantled an LCD screen from a tablet, so students could see exactly what went into making one. 

Students had the opportunity to handle devices and components.

Some students also put the devices back together with some assistance.


Our aim on the day was to talk to students about apprenticeships. Showing there is an alternative to the traditional University route. Many students were surprised to hear that there were so many options available with apprenticeships. With many offering a variety of qualifications during and at the end of the apprenticeship.

Students were also comforted by the fact that I myself had changed my career route, as some had no idea what they really wanted to do for a career.

We hope we were able to make a difference on the day, and we look forward to returning next time.

TIny Tech appeared on behalf of themselves and Octagon Technology Lincoln – Working in partnership.

We gave all students a copy of our flyer to take home which contained useful links and information about apprenticeships

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To find out more about apprenticeships follow the links below

Our partner company has also written articles on their own apprentice

Great news! Our apprentice has successfully finished the Apprenticeship programme and is now a full-time team member at Octagon Technology

Apprenticeships proved to be a significant benefit to Octagon Technology and their newest employee

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