Prices and offers

Computer/Laptop repair fees
Phone repair fees
Tablet repair fees
Website design fees

Computer repair Fees

Our fees start from as little as £25

Virus removal from £25
Re-install windows £25
Data back up with all data on disk from £25
PC/laptop service £25

Laptop screen repair parts plus £45
Hard drive/ CD / DVD drive/ Fan parts plus £25
Other hardware from £25 fitting plus parts

Phone repairs fees as of 09/11/15 prices are subject to change based on part prices

IPhone parts and fitting

IPhone4 £25
Iphone5/5s/5c £50
IPhone 6 £75

Samsung parts and fitting

S3 mini £50
S3 £75
S4 mini £70
S4 £80
S5 mini £95
S5 £120

Other phones on request

Tablet repair fees

Charge port replacement from £25
Power/volume button replacement from £15
Screen replacement from £25
Battery replacement from £10