Recent repairs

We have had a few repairs in recently including a laptop with a smashed screen a nexus 7 tablet needing a new USB port and 2 Samsung tablets also needing new USB ports.

Here is the laptop following the screen repair

We get quite a few USB port replacement repairs here at Tiny Tech and offer repairs for all makes and models.

The photos below show a USB port with bent pins the second shows how bent the USB is due to pushing against the bent pins as you can see the casing is pulling apart. Compare this to the third image of a new port. This port was replaced and the tablet returned to its former fully working condition. These are not the same type of port this is just to demonstrate.

One way to avoid damage to your USB port is to always ensure your are plugging the cable in the correct way up & never force the cable even a small amount of force can bend the pins on your USB port.

If you still end up with a damaged port seek repair as soon as possible and do not try to force the cable any further.

Here at Tiny tech we offer very competitive repair fees for USB port replacement. Contact us for a quote today

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