Samsung phone and tablet repairs

We repair all models of samsung phone and tablet

Repairs include but not limited to

Screen replacement
Camera replacement
Charge port replacement
Water Damage repair

Take a look at some of our recent repairs



5 thoughts on “Samsung phone and tablet repairs

  1. rachel

    Hello my daughters galaxy tab 10inch has stopped working. It is showing no signs of life i brought a new charger as i thought the old one was the problem however this is still not working. how much would you charge to take a look at this for me please

    1. Sophia Post author

      Hello the most likely problem would be the charge port. The pins sometimes become squashed so the tablet cannot charge. I do not charge for diagnostics on the tablet. If you are local (Ramsgate) simply pop the tablet in to me for testing. Alternatively please post the tablet securely recorded/ special delivery I will then inspect the tablet and provide a quotation based on my findings


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